Purpose: The purpose of this software includes an API which logs and stores attendance data. The data can be viewed and manipulated by admin users (paying clients). Attendees (ex. students or employees) have a mobile app that registers their attendance at defined events based on the phones location. This software is ideally suited for teachers and employers who want to register their student or employee attendance with that absolute minimum of effort. The service requires little to no interaction from the administrator beyond initial event setup.  The primary advantage of this solution is greater accuracy with far less work from administrators.

Profitability: Local tertiary institutes have attempted digital attendance solutions, but local skills shortages have produces less than optimal software solutions. The market exists. Taping into that market could prove profitable. Additionally, the software has a large overlap with ticketing services, which if proven reliable through attendance checking, could provide a much greater revenue stream across international market.

Obstacles: While development costs are essentially tied to time concerns, deployment of initial offerings are related to the acceptance of the software with large local institutes. As local institutes are notorious for refusing outside help (preferring to create sub-optimal solutions with existing in-house labor), exploration of the solution space may be difficult locally. Additionally, sales of the software is tied t institutional decision making, which is controlled by few individuals and traditionally resistant to open and fair market pressures.