Purpose: Within Malaysia, there are few (but some – such as Coder Dojo, etc.) businesses catering to young students wishing to learn programming.  Additionally, there are little to no training institutes focused upon certifying and upskilling professionals in specific areas of ICT.  Potential topics for youth would include basic mobile app development and web application development. Professional courses could also include youth topics, without the need to cover foundational programming topics such as algorithms, syntax and data structures.

Profitability: As there is at least one for-profit youth programming center, there is the possibility of achieving viability. Course costs can be kept minimal and tied directly to individual events. This arrangement would result in the initial start-up costs being tied to primarily to advertising.

Obstacles: Unfortunately, due to testing of an MVP within the professional student arena, it has been determined that the demand for such courses within Malaysia is present, but minimal. While a product can be created that is more qualified than in-house training, in addition to potential professional certification, the Malaysian institutional climate environment tends toward cost saving over training excellence. With this in mind, most organizations will compete against training providers in an attempt to furnish employees with in-house opportunities. It may be more suited to other markets. Potential areas of specialization of training would include WordPress training as it would allow students to create viable websites (an added value proposition) upon course completion. It is strongly suggested that further domestic exploration of this idea be avoided.