Purpose: This commercial opportunity entails renting a shop front and furnishing it with comfortable tables and chairs that can be used by youth to construct Lego. Renting Lego or the time in the shop to construct Lego sets is advantageous for two reasons. First, the initial startup costs are minimal compared with setting up a cafe or play center. Secondly, the shop borrows from the strong brand recognition and affinity afforded to Lego. Liability issues are greatly reduced over more physical forms of youth activity (play center / sports) and space is maximized by activities that utilize a small footprint. Cross branding opportunities could exist by promoting tuition centers through the shop.

Profitability: Profitability is tied directly to the hours rented by customers. This value will vary based on customer acceptance and support of the business proposition. The sale of prepackaged drinks and snacks could increase profitability. Additionally, customer retention could be fostered by adding new Lego sets and engineering / construction play, exhibits and contests. Selling Lego / constructions sets at the shop could further enhance profitability. A similar idea has been tried successfully at Curve shopping center, near IKEA

Obstacles: Theft or deterioration of the product would be a concern. Lack of acceptance of the business model in a small market may also contribute potential failure. MVP testing within a specific demographic (renting trial sets to families at a local school) could alleviate market estimation concerns.