Purpose: Provide shared rented office space to students.  Similar to companies such as WeWork, the objective of this project would be to find amenable rented space that can be outfitted with facilities better than those provided by the local education institute and rent them to students on a semester basis.  Value added services such as a private gym (or included membership at a local private gym) can be included to strengthen the value proposition.

Profitability: The viability of such an idea rests solely on the discretion of students to included the rental costs in the semester based tuition and accommodation spending.  It is unlikely that  students could afford the service from discretionary spending. To be viable the product offering has to be synonymous with educational advantage and ease. Additional services, such as university liaisons, coaches and other low-cost value added services may strengthen the proposition.

Obstacles: The primary obstacle is students with little to no desire to incur additional expenses. Additionally, if the service does not offer real value, it is unlikely the students will be retained.