What Apps are Malaysians using?

First of all, Malaysians love the internet. We have one of the highest internet saturations per capita in all of Asia (behind Singapore and Hong Kong). While our internet bandwidth may be subpar, globally speaking, recent upgrades to our national infrastructure has seen increasing broadband usage (in both wired and wireless broadband). Malaysia also has one of the highest adoptions of Facebook of any nation on earth. Malaysians are without a doubt using their phones for mobile internet and utilizing apps.

Of the top ten apps in the Google Play Store, three of those apps target regional audiences and provide local content (Lazada, Shopee & Grab). In the top 50 apps, we have local creations such as Touch and Go eWallet, Celecom Life, iflix, Mudah, MyDigi and KFC Malaysia. After removing high ranked games, a large percentage of Malaysia’s most used apps are based or heavily focused on a Malaysian audience.

Malaysia also has some very innovative app technology, such as MyDistress, Kaodim, Lunch Kako, Be My Protector (created by Redletter.Digital and already responsible for the rescue of human trafficking victims online) and more being created each day. Each of these apps has international coverage, successful user engagement and innovative design.

In my opinion, the future of mobile is the future of everything. – Matt Galligan, Co-founder of Circa

The bottom line, however, is that Malaysian companies are not creating enough apps. With one of the highest internet user bases in the world, more Malaysian companies need to begin to create content for their fellow citizens before the vacuum is filled by overseas companies. The mobile app market space is in a unique position in Malaysia: there is much demand and little supply. This means there is much opportunities for local organizations to create stellar applications that gain tremendous exposure.

In ten years time, companies that release applications will not get national press and instant recognition. But, right now they do. “Build it and they will come” has never been more true in relation to the exposure gained from the creation of a mobile app. That said, great launches soon fizzle out without great, compelling, user-centered content. If an app can create a splash and provide something the public wants, companies can benefit from the double windfall of high exposure and an expanding user base. More users of course means more sales, more interactions and more growth. All within reach right now. Let us know what you think!.