Walk Uprightly represents Red Letter Digital’s commitment to excellence on behalf of its clients, employees and future customers.  Without integrity and honesty, we believe, no company can adequately serve its customers or employees.  If you feel these Walk Uprightly principles have been violated by any member of our team, please contact us immediately. We look forward to serving you and your company.

Truth &Transparency

Our primary commitment is to the truth.  We never misrepresent the truth, either in bargaining, costing work, communication or other business functions.  We tell the truth!

The integrity of the honest keeps them on track…

King Solomon (Prov 11:3) – Circa 900 B.C.

Pricing &Billing

We only believe in Win-Win deals, where both parties are happy! We will never enter a deal where either party may potentially harm the other.  We wouldn’t be in business very long if we took advantage of our customers, or let clients and employees get less than the best!

Win-win…it’s when both people walk away happy.

Dave Ramsey – Circa 2000 A.D.


Our employees are free to conduct themselves in the manner of their choice outside of their employment. Red Letter Digital will not censure employees for their non-work related views or beliefs expressed outside paid work hours.

“Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.

Benjamin Franklin – Circa 1720 A.D.

The NenekRule

If our Nenek / Grandma / Baba couldn’t be proud of our work, we won’t do it! The exploitation of individuals is reprehensible.  Red Letter Digital will not facilitate or support the sexual or labour exploitation of individuals. We will not create or support any project promoting labour abuse, pornography or the sexual exploitation and misuse of men or women. 

“[Exploitation] is a wholly selfish act that eclipses the concerns, needs, and well-being of everyone around you.

Heath Lambert – Circa 2010 A.D.